Dear God -  Jehovah Rapha - Healer,

     As we look up to the Heavens and call out in prayer on behalf of our loved ones, we ask that your Healing Power, Grace, Mercy and Comfort be upon them. . .

. . . for that, we say, "Thank You"


  • Pastor Alford Abney

  • Mother Thelma High

  • Deacon Fred Holford

  • Bro. Dexter Stanton

  • Pastor Loretta Phillips

  • Dexter Stanton

  • Clayton Forde

During this time of COVID-19, many of our families and loved ones are being affected.  Let us take the time to pray for their strength to get through.

  • Sis. Joi Harris

  • Bro. Rick Roberts 





for those on the "front-line" of service

to others.


  • Bishop Robert L. Williams, Jr.

  • Elder Patricia Harkley

  • Elder Linda McBride

  • Min. Bradford Harkley

  • Deacon Jonathan Edmondson

  • MIT Barry Wright

  • Bro. Torey Ward

  • Pastor Loretta Phillips

  • Sis. Pamela Bishop

  • Sis. Charrie Matthews

  • Sis. Leah Nicholson

  • Missionary Hilda Dozier

  • Sis. Elizabeth Teel

  • Sis. Leonore Wright

  • Sis. Chantel Wright

God is watching over you,

I know this because I asked Him to.